Return to Worship

All Saints Ecumenical Church Carr House Drive Newton Hall DH1 5LT
What to expect when you return to church on September 13th 10.45 am
The thought of returning to church after nearly six months absence will affect everybody differently. We
are now able to worship again as the Body of Christ in one place and look forward to seeing everyone
again. The Clergy, Stewards & Wardens have taken responsibility for our church to be 'Covid Compliant'
and to make sure church is as safe as it can be. This of course requires your cooperation too. If you
intend to come to church for the first service could you please let us know by Saturday 12th September.
We hope this step by step guide will mean that you enter church, confident that the safety aspects have
been taken care of, so that you can focus your attention on worshipping God, who in his faithfulness has
brought us to this moment. Please arrive early for the Morning Worship Service.
~ Enter church through the front door keeping to the left.
~ You are asked to observe 2m spacing outside the church entrance and inside the vestibule.
~ Hand sanitiser is provided on entry and exit. Please do use it.
~ Your name and phone number will be written down and kept for 21 days for tracing purposes. It would,
at that point, be helpful if you could say whether you are going to attend church the following week.
~ Doors will be kept open to allow fresh air to circulate. Face masks must be worn.
~ Once inside you will be directed to seats by duty stewards.
~ Couples and family groups can sit together but please leave four chairs (2m) space between the next
group, couple or person.
~ There will be only one Morning Worship Service on 13th September at 10.45am led by Caroline & Andy.
~ The service will be a 'said service' with music to listen to and will last between 30 and 45 minutes.
~ We will share 'The Peace' in a non-physical way. The collection plate will not be passed round and you
will be asked to put your collection in the plate as you leave church.
~ There will be no refreshments.
~ Toilet and hand washing facilities can be accessed via the hall or church-to-back corridor route. Please
'give way' to anyone coming from the toilets by waiting in the back corridor 'lay by' near the double hall
doors. Sanitise hands before entering and exiting the toilets.
~ If you are displaying any symptoms of feeling unwell, you are advised not to come to church. However,
if at church you begin to feel unwell during the service, the duty steward will be 'on hand' to show you to
the Story Room in the Hall which is quiet and comfortable, until you are able to leave church safely.
~ Please observe 2m distancing and hand sanitise as you leave church through the front doors, keeping to
the left.
~ As you will appreciate the new measures we have in place mean we will need more volunteers to be
Duty Stewards during our services only. Please consider whether you are able to help on a 'one off' basis
or periodically. Your help will ensure everyone is at ease in church. Thank you in anticipation.
We are very much looking forward to welcoming you back to Worship in the name of Christ.
The Clergy, Stewards and Wardens at All Saints.

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